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All business inbound and outbound calls are recorded and stored in unified datasource.


AgenDialer can connect to any CRM, ERP, HIS solution. AgenDialer API is available for external solutions.


Registering and recording staff business calls allow managing and monitoring contacts.

What Agendialer is for?

What do you know about relationships and contacts field employees and customers?

If You need registering and recording mobile staff business calls, try our phone AgenDialer app .


Mobile Staff Communication Management (MSCM).

Business virtual phone number 

Business calls from private phone.

AgenDialer mobile app installed on private or business smartphone makes phone contacts easier to manage. Virtual business phone number allow to use one phone for private and business  purposes. Manage 'emploee-business phone number' assignment is easier than ever.

Business call registering

One source for all contacts - phone and SMS

Phone in- & outbound calls are registered on our IT platform available on managing web panel and via API. 
AgenDialer allow to register not only mobile staff calls but hotline connections too.

Business call recording

Phone calls monitoring and analysis.

Recorded calls are important and useful as datasource. you can use them for performance improvement purposes, customers relationship monitoring and resolving complaints, 

AgenDialer innovative mobile app to manage phone calls between staff and customers. Registering and recording business in- and outbound calls on advanced ICT platform.

Delivery staff

This professional group often contacts customers to discuss time, place and other delivery  details. Contact control is essential for maintaining good customer feedback and complaint management.

Sales and insurance representatives

Their work is based on constant phone calls with current and potential clients. Recording of calls enables the assessment of competences, control of the correctness of customer service and the quality of relationships.

Service technicians and installers

During the service and consulting activities, the technical staff contacts customers directly. Their relationships have a significant impact on the assessment of companies


AgenDialer Call&Record services 
(net prices)

mobile app

PLN  22 /monthly
  • Monthly fee for one AgenDialer mobile app user.

  • includes one virtual number subscription

control panel

PLN  199 /monthly
  • Monthly fee control panel access.
    Connections and recordings list, users managing.
  • up to 20 emploees.


PLN  0,10 /minute
  • cost per minute 
    in- or outbound calls in Poland
  • fix and mobile networks

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